What is Big Run Wolf Ranch?

About Us

Big Run Wolf Ranch is a federally licensed non-profit, dedicated to the preservation of natural areas, open space, wildlife, and wildlife habitats for conservation, education, and research. We have been licensed for approximately 25 years and doing educational lectures for approximately 21 years.

Many of the animals here at Big Run have been rescued wherein the only other alternative was euthanasia. Although we have rescued many animals, Big Run's primary objective is education. Currently, we are unable to comfortably house any additional wildlife. We are in the preliminary stages of planning out our larger facility, where we will be able to provide homes for orphaned wildlife. Our plans include an on-site rehab medical facility as well as an 1800 sq. ft. on-site education center. With the continued generous support of the public, our facility will expand as funds allow.

John Basile, President, has held a USDA federal license and has been working with large North American predators for 25 years.