Purple Steer Restaurant

T-Bone Steak-13.99
Half Slab Barbecue Ribs-8.99

IN HOUSE ONLY. OFFERED TO PATRONS 60 YRS & OVER 11:00AM TO 9:00 PM DAILY All senior meals Include: A cup of Soup or House Salad or Cottage Cheese or Regular Tomato Juice or Cole Slaw or Apple Sauce. Choice of Potato or Rice, rolls and butter and Dessert (Choice of Cherry Jell-O, Ice Cream, Tapioca or Rice Pudding) and Beverage (Coffee, Tea or a Soft drink)

Hot Veal Cutlet One cutlet over bread w/ mashed potatoes & gravy.
Roast Loin of Pork Over dressing w/ mashed potatoes gravy.
Fried Chicken Half Fried Chicken with choice of potato.
Beef Burger Steak With grilled onions & choice of potato.
Broiled Pork Chop Bone in Pork Chop served w/ choice of potato.
Beef Liver With grilled onion or bacon & choice of potato. With choice of potato, tartar & lemon.
Spaghetti Covered w/ our homemade meat sauce or Marinara (no potato).
Mini Butter flied Shrimp Served with French fries & cocktail sauce.
Hot Turkey Over bread w/ mashed pot. topped w/ turkey gravy.
Fried Chicken Strips Served with French fries & B.B.Q. sauce.
Barbecue Riblets Basted w/ our B.B.Q. sauce & served with choice of potato
Mostaccioli Covered w/ our meat sauce & topped w/ mozzarella cheese.